Asociacion Pro-Paz Choral Fest Costa Rica


The festival is organized by ASOCIACION PRO PAZ CHORAL FEST COSTA RICA, a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to promote peace at national and international level through artistic, cultural, educational, sports, tourism and recreational activities.


-Gather people of different backgrounds and nationalities to sing together for peace.
-Strengthen ties of friendship among peoples through choral music.
-Contribute to the choral quality of both singers and its audience.
-Bring to different corners of Costa Rica world-class choral concerts and workshops.


-Humanity: To foster mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and a lasting peace among all peoples.
-Impartiality: Does not make any distinction of nationality, race, religion, social status or political creed.
-Excelence: in every endeavor.

About the festival:

It is an annual festival that gathers choirs of the world who want to come and sing in Costa Rica amongst a frame of peace. The festival includes concerts, general rehearsals, master classes and activities that seek brotherhood among all participants through choral music. The festival seeks to support the progress of choirs by attracting world-renowned musicians to offer workshops to both choir singers and choral conductors.


To offer a cultural space in the choral field of Costa Rica that provides fraternal bonds and musical wealth.