Terms and Conditions
Participation at Choral Fest Costa Rica 2019

The following terms and conditions apply to all applications made by prospective participants and form part of the stand registration upon the organizer's acceptance of participation. By submitting an application to the organizer, the prospective participant agrees to be bound by the provisions contained herein. The organizer of the Choral Fest Costa Rica (CFCR) and participants agree:
1. The duration of the festival is from June 20 to Saturday, June 24th, 2019.
2. The choral workshops and concerts are established by the organizer CFCR along with the accommodations bookings and in-country travel as a package. These services are provided by local travel agency: Travel IN Paradise Group Tours.
3. Participation fee includes all benefits specified in the festival program.
4. Subject to participation fee are all participants: singers, accompanists, spouses, chaperones, additional conductors.
5. Each choir's conductor (one) is free of charge of this participation fee.
6. Payments are accepted in US$Dollars. Banking costs derived from the transaction must be paid by the participant.
7. Payments are made to Travel IN Paradise Group Tours via bank transfer using the following information:
Account holder:
Paginas Activas Guayacán Internacional s.a.
Account Number: 
Bank's name: 
Bank´s SWIFT: 
Bank's telephone #
+506 2295-9797
Apartado 1289-1011, San Jose, Costa Rica
+506 2274-3231
8. Selected choirs are responsible to make the participation fee payments upon registration and within the due dates given.
9. Deadlines:
a. application form deadline: February 28th, 2019.
b. written confirmation of participation: March 15th, 2019.
c. 30% initial payment: March 15th, 2019.
d.70% balance is due by April 15th, 2019.
10. All travel costs to and from Costa Rica are responsibility of each participating choir.
11. All the participants are responsible to carry a valid Passport and assume all costs derived from visa and passport issuance.
12. Spanish and English are the sole languages that are reflected on official documents.
13. Please make sure that your choir is accompanied by at least Spanish or English speaking person who can assist you with translation during the event.
14. The organizer reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the existing information material and/or the announcement in the event of unforeseen technical, organizational or artistic circumstances. The organizer also reserves the right to make changes to the program content and schedule.
15. Confirmation of participation is binding for the choir, in regard to both participation in the festival and the travel services provided by Travel IN Paradise Group Tours, represented legally in Costa Rica as: Paginas Activas Guayacan Internacional s.a.
16. Liability:
The organizer Choral Fest Costa Rica, is responsible for the artistic and musical design and the execution of the events. Its liability comprises of all organizational matters of the festival, the concerts, workshops and special events. Any other liability with regard to organizer's liability is expressly excluded.
17.Audio and Audiovisual Recordings:
All rights regarding the audio and audiovisual recordings of the event ("Recordings") as well as their exploitation and herewith being granted exclusively to CHORAL FEST COSTA RICA (CFCR) by the choir / artists. All rights granted to CFCR hereunder may be exploited by CFCR in perpetuity without any limitation as to time, territory and/or manner of exploitation free of any rights of third parties. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, this includes in particular the following exclusive rights in the Recordings which can also be transferred by CFCR to a third party at CFCR discretion. CFCR shall be exclusively entitled to reproduce the Recordings wholly or partly by way of producing vinyl discs, music cassettes, compact discs, DATs, Mini Discs, Digital Compact Cassettes or other sound carriers and by producing video cassettes, picture discs, compact disc videos, DVDs or other audio-visual carriers or other data carriers or by means of other technical devises and to sell or otherwise distribute these reproductions by retail, wholesale or other distribution channels such as clubs, mail order or TV-response. This also includes the right to exploit the Recordings in the context of online and especially internet applications of any kind and of any system, regardless of the way of transmission and business model, and to use, upload and distribute these Recordings in databases, networks (e.g. internet and all its services) or anything similar of any kind and especially to disseminate and transmit these Recordings to users of databases / networks via cable or other ways of transmission for the purpose of perception and/ or reproduction and/ or distribution against payment or free of charge. This also includes the right to publicly perform or broadcast the Recordings by private or public broadcast stations, including digital radio services, via cable, satellite or other technical transmission services either against payment or free of charge (including the right to collect in CFCR's own name broadcast fees accruing in connection with the public performance or broadcast of the Recordings). CFCR's rights also include the right to edit and/ or alter the Recordings (e.g. by producing mixes or remixes), to couple the Recordings with other recordings (e.g. with recordings of other artists) and the right to release and sell the Recordings on so-called "special product" audio or audio-visual carriers. Furthermore, CFCR shall be entitled to grant synchronization rights in the Recordings for movies, videos, TV and/or movie commercials, image films etc, to translate them into other languages, to use them for multimedia purposes of any kind or to rearrange them in any other way (e.g. to create remixes or do sampling). This also includes the exclusive right to use the Recordings in games / PC games as well as other and also interactive multimedia productions (including so called "websites") for goods, services and advertising purposes of any kind. Finally, this includes the non-exclusive right to use the choir's / artist's name as well as images of the choir / artist in the context of the exploitation and the advertising and promotion measures mentioned above. CFCR does not pay any money to the artist for the exclusive grant of rights mentioned above. The choir/ artist accepts explicitly that the positive promotion effect resulting from an exploitation of the Recordings by CFCR represents an adequate return service for this transfer of rights. In case of a commercial release of the Recordings on CD, the parties will negotiate separately in good faith about an adequate royalty to be payable to choir/ artist according to standard business practice.
Changes/ cancellations/ refunds:
We realize the majority of changes or cancellations are due to unexpected events. However, advance programming and organization is required for this grand event. We don't intend to be punitive in any way when a fee applies.
1. Any changes made to the list of participants will be accepted in writing. Fee applies if changes are made within 60 days prior to festival commencement.
2. If participation is cancelled, you must do so in writing via email. Cancellation refunds apply according to the following:
a. 75 to 60 days prior to arrival day, 70% refund of total cost.
b. 59 to 45 days prior to arrival day, 20% refund of total cost.
c. there will be no refund if notice of cancellation is 44 days or less prior to arrival day.

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